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Technical Translation Services for Industry and Science

A team sworn to reliability and quality. You can expect us to carry out the tasks on your behalf with the same sense of responsibility as you would yourself. The creation of technical documentation is a process we have been developing since 1984.

This enables us to guarantee very high quality at a reasonable and fair price.

Our team can support you almost around the clock and coordinate all orders worldwide – in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel as well as in Japan. We work with well-selected, qualified translators, almost all of whom live in the country of their respective target language, to ensure that their use of words and style is always up to date. However, we prepare and post-process all documents ourselves in Hamburg, which allows the translation of all document formats. When finalising the documents, consistency, terminology, number formats and punctuation are checked, among others.

As one of the first translation service providers in Europe, TTS GmbH was certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard as early as 2004.

Depending on the needs and requirements of your company, we provide everything that is additionally necessary.


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