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CAT systems

CAT systems

Anyone dealing with multilingual documentation will sooner or later come across the terms CAT tool and translation memory. Our customers have been benefiting from the use of these systems at TTS since 1999. They not only save costs, but also provides advantages when it comes to quality and consistency.

CAT tools

So-called CAT tools (computer aided translation) do not translate automatically, but provide users with a working environment that relieves them of large parts of the non-creative part of his work. To do this, the text is first automatically segmented into individual sentences before being translated segment by segment, always taking into account the context.

Translation memory

As soon as the translator enters a segment for translation, the system checks whether a similar or identical sentence from a previous translation already exists in the database, the translation memory (TM). If this is the case, the system suggests this translation so that it can be adopted and, if necessary, reworked. The translators thus use the TM in the background to recycle already existing translations.