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As one of the first translation service providers in Europe, TTS GmbH was certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001 as early as 2004. This international standard specifies the requirements for an organisation's quality management system to increase customer satisfaction. To date, only a few companies in our market segment have committed themselves to comparably strict specifications. We at TTS have very high standards of quality because you as a customer should benefit from this quality. The special requirements of our customers are extremely wide-ranging – they not only extend to perfect adherence to the industry-specific terminology but in some cases even to thorough plausibility checks of the contents.

Irrespective of the customer or document, our goal is always to deliver the highest quality possible within the client's predefined budget. Of course, the actual work is preceded by the detailed gathering and analysis of customer requirements.

For many customers the timely – or earlier – delivery of their translation is a highly significant quality feature, which can only be achieved through extreme commitment when deadlines are very tight. Of course, this also means that night can turn into day for us. An alternative is the coordinated processing of a text by several colleagues. In this context, adherence to a uniform terminology poses a particular challenge. Modern terminology software supports our translators in reliably meeting this quality requirement as well.

Quality assurance procedure at TTS

The system is certified by the company RINA Germany GmbH under ID:43241/16/AN and audited internally and externally on an annual basis. TTS GmbH is now certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100.

The QM system has to ensure an optimal process flow from the first customer contact to the completion of the order. We analyse and retrace every deviation from the required quality, and the results – together with internal suggestions for improvement – are used to adapt the procedures, forms and checklists we use. In this way, TTS is not only able to ensure the quality of its services, but also to continuously expand them. The work processes and the tools used are constantly checked for their effectiveness and improved if necessary. Likewise, the qualification of our employees is also regularly reviewed and constantly expanded through training.

The creation of technical documentation is a process we have been developing since 1984. This allows us to guarantee a very high quality and at the same time offer a reasonable and fair price.

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