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ISO9001 / ISO17100

Customer satisfaction

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1. Responsibility

An employee who you entrust with your projects is to discharge his/her duties in such a way as if you had done these yourself.

2. Quotations

Quotations must give clear statements about feasibility, restrictions, cost and delivery dates. This is to include the formats of the source and target documents. It is important for you to receive what was actually quoted.

3. Communication

The importance of communication is often underestimated. Our employee must understand you correctly in order that you receive the expected result. In order to achieve this, our overriding principle is "face to face" discussion, even on the telephone.

4. Co-ordination

Co-ordinating formats, deadlines and costs is every bit as important for your planning as for ours.

5. Co-operation

Co-operation must run as smoothly as if we were all sitting in the same office. Everything must run smoothly.

6. Meeting deadlines

Deadlines are often the determinant which will enable you to meet your delivery. . If this is difficult to achieve, we will then offer 24/7availability.

7. Quality

The quality standard we are committed to meeting (ISO 9001) is an everyday challenge. However, in the final analysis, it is your quality criteria that we must meet and not ours.

8. Staying within budget

We will try to quote you a price that is as low as possible. To achieve this, we exploit the benefits of cost reduction through Translation Memory systems. However, it is always important to us to keep within the projected costs.

9. Would you recommend TTS?

We also survive on recommendations. In this case, we only ask you to state whether you would gladly recommend us to someone else. If so, do this gladly and we will thank you with corresponding amazement


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